To Teach How to strengthen our Minds and Intellect and

not to live our lives in Autopilot.

In changing times, it is good to reinforce the minds of our young sons or daughters. The quality of our thoughts, words and actions is the result of our continuous perception of the world with our senses, what we put in our minds. Our mind is where we create our thoughts and ideas, our Intellect is where we discern our quality of thoughts, what is right or wrong and make conscious decisions and choices. The quality of our lives depend on how we use our MINDS and INTELLECT. How To Teach our children to maintain a strong mind? According to studies we live 80% of our lives from our Habits, these Habits normally are converting in Actions, we normally do not think before a decision or action. The solution is to STOP and ask ourselves questions as: What can I achieve doing this? What will happen if I perform in one or other way? What decision will be beneficial to me or others?? Practising daily Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga…will bring us to be more focus in what we do.

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