When we have a "Physical Pain" and when we suffer "Emotional Pain" 

The need of heal our bodies caused by specific pain is opposite than when we are suffering an emotion that we have created within our minds. This can occurs when we cannot control our Perceptions and our feelings and when this is happening in our lives, the need to change our thinking and perception is very important.

Every person has a way to look all the things in the world, how you look every situation, you can perceive people whose their lives are depending from abusive Governments,  conditions and people and we cannot change this situation. On the other hand you meet lovely people with good insights filled with love and compassion. What is the best thing to do? Thinking clearly, nobody is responsible of our thoughts and feelings, therefore focus only in the good things that the world are bringing us daily and guide our minds to think all the goodness we have in the world, will allow us to free ourselves from suffering.

Bandler & George

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