"We were supposed to love everyone" A good advice from a parent

Reading the news came into my mind, as a parent, what responsibilities we have with our children? To give them the proper education at the school only?, Parents duties should also reinforce their principles and advice every day to their children.


I refer today to Brittany Hutchinson, she was the youngest person in America to be awarded the "Medal Of Valor". When Brittany was only 5 years old, she ran in front of a bus to save the life of a girlfriend. 


Brittany's recollection when she was in the emergency room, her dad asked her "What would make a girl so brave? She took her father's hand and said to him "You always said we were supposed to love everyone and that's what I was doing, daddy, I was just loving her!". 


All the nurses and her father crying after heard that. This is the love that at present parents does not communicate to children, the people do not act with love and do not trust others anymore. All depends from the parents how they guide quiet also, with their example to their children.


Loving yourself first and after to other people with the love based in respect. Doing this, we are opened to a better communication, better understanding in between people. Love and Compassion.