Overcome Negativity!

Can we overcome Negativity?

When we learn how to develop the TRUE personality of our Beliefs, studying daily their knowledge and when we are sure in their world History that is completely truthful, these facts became a part of our daily lives. 
The desire to be good every day by Introspection (prayers, meditation, yoga, etc), gives us the ability to look within and see our true self in the mirror of our heart. This enables us to activate the Goodness that is there within us, our Inner Spirituality.
We will be free from expectations and NEGATIVITY from others.    I just received a nice message from a friend regarding expectations that we many times have, which says:

Give Value to those who gives You Value,

Don't treat as Priority those who treat you as an Option,

Those who Wound you are those who make you Strong,

Those who Criticise you make you Important,

Those who are Jealous, make you Valuable,

Those who wish you the Worst have to support you are Lucky!

We do not need to expect everybody recognise OUR goodness or consider ONE good. Instead, we find ourselves satisfied with what we really are and as we have to be sure we are doing the best we can, it will help us to continue to learn from all situations in life.