About Me


I am the mother of three Professional sons and two grandsons, who I love, admire and respect their unique qualities and ways of thinking.                                                                        

 We have so many tools inherently intrinsic to achieve our desires and sometimes we do not know how to use them. There is so much “Abundance” in our interior and exterior World, we only have to apply those little changes in the areas we need in our life to reach our goals and feel satisfaction. As a Coach can bring you back to the time you were confident in yourself, peaceful and happy, clearing what is needed to create this amazing future for you, discovering your goodness and capability.

The Humanity should learn to include others, does not matter who they are, let people to be "Their Unique Way of living Through Life". What if, "They Have Born With A Condition”, as Autism, Down Syndrome, Different Thinking and Religion, or having different levels of Diversity? "That is Fine", we should learn to ACCEPT and TOLERATE, in order to reach PEACE and succeed in all areas of our lives.

"Acceptance" of everyone, "Acceptance of people who are “Different” from you”, we do not know every story of their lives. If we practice inclusion adequately in the Community, we will take out those barriers that exist between people in the world and we will be more relax and focus learning the way we can accept them how they really are.

Applying the tools mention above and added knowledge in the areas we need, we should be able to Accept differences and be Tolerant.

I can tap into your core strength and uplift you to the best version of yourself. Help parents and family in general to face these situations with strength.


Living in different countries, learning about people and their culture, experimenting myself the challenges of relocating, learning Art Technics, Fashion Design and being working in the Corporate sector has enriched my life. Also being a mother supporting my children has shaped me a woman who strives when working for groups, either individuals in their personal life or professional organisations.  

From 2013, I have been providing free Coaching sessions to people in different areas of the world, receiving an excellent feedback from my clients.

You will find the best outcome in the areas as follow:

  • Lack of self worth and Acceptance
  • Strength
  • Empowerment
  • Confidence
  • Values
  • Limited Beliefs 
  • Motivation
  • Not happy at work
  • Reconnection with self
  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Clear layers of resentment
  • Goals

Training and Development

Master Practitioner Coach

Free Coaching on line

Life Coach 

Satir Model Counselling for individuals, couples and families, certification by SIPD, CCPA

Acupressure: Traditional Medicine Institute of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Free Assisting Treatment to people in general at the Institute.

Motivation and Human Relations, Mendoza Saenz de Tejada, Coach from Argentina

Edexell Level 5 BTEC Higher National Certificate Studies 

Fashion Designer Vina del Mar, Chile

Business and Marketing Skills