Do the Companies need to contract a Coach

If you are an HR professional I would like to know your thoughts about hiring coaches in the workplace to support team members professional growth as well as to help them achieve a good level of happiness at work. Here is how I view it. Comment below and let me know you view it.

I had an experience when I was studying one of the courses not so long ago. At the beginning of that course, the Organisation did a Team Building weekend which I attended. All was fine, the team games, the exercises, training, and conversations until all finished. After a week everyone had forgotten the exercises, the good talk, practically everything.

There was not a good relationship again. I thought all the people were in need of reminders, the Coaches finished their job for that period and left. Teamwork requires constant training and control to obtain cohesion in the group. What else do they need to obtain also happiness at work? When the team has achieved that connection needed in between their members, to continue improving that relationship and method of work to achieve goals, my suggestion is, the Company should be able to contract a permanent Coach or a group of them accordingly as advisers, who work day by day in the Company where they can give assistance to every team member in personal issues at the different departments, to maintain and improve their work and relationship to reach satisfaction at work. A Coach can perceive if something becomes weaker between them. They can be ready to act and give their support, consequently, the team can reach the happiness again, working together and overcoming their obstacles.

Professionals could disagree with this. My point of view and suggestion is that it should be possible when the Organizations take the responsibility of contracting Coaches from outside or as employees to work in the Human Resource Department in their Companies as advisers. They can immediately be available and besides the person who needs them.